Your brand in their hand

Your Brand in Their Hand

OPUSUK provides covers, binding, foiling services and products. We help our customers communication materials stand out, be durable and help reinforce the quality of their brand, products, and services. OPUSUK has a comprehensive range of products, supported by experience and expertise. We can enable an emotional connection between you and your customers by putting your brand in their hand..

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Binding machines for architects Architecture companies use our Opus system to stand out, be a...


Accountancy and Law

Binding machines for legal firms and accountancy Accountancy and law companies use our Opus system...


Manufacturing Industry

Binding machines for manufacturing industries Manufacturers, industrial and engineering companies use our Opus system to...


Wealth Management

Binding machines for wealth managers Wealth management companies use our Opus system to stand out,...



Binding machines for yachting Yachting companies use our Opus system to stand out, be a...


Property Developers

Binding machines for property development Property companies use our Opus system to stand out, be...


Hotels, Hospitality Events

Binding machines for hotels & events management Hotels & Events management companies use our Opus...


Commercial Interiors

Binding machines for commercial interiors .Commercial interiors companies use our Opus system to stand out,...


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The emotional connection from print that digital cannot deliver

We buy with our eyes

But what does this emotional connection mean? What makes OPUS unique is the ability to take a customer’s product, and through covering, binding and foiling, create an emotional connection with their customers. But what does this emotional connection mean? We buy with their eyes. When making a significant purchase, we do not make decisions purely […]


We’re not Competing with digital, we’re complimenting it and adding value Over the last 20 years, we have seen increasing growth in digital technology to form the backbone of our communication, from emails, websites, social media postings, blogs and reviews. The space has become increasingly crowded, and knowing what to believe and what to trust […]

The tactile power of print

In a world where consumers are overwhelmed by marketing channels and messages, the tactile power of print, combined with intelligent personalisation founded on real customer insight, may be precisely what’s needed to overcome digital overload and trigger emotional responses to brands. Print is memorable. While digital content is processed faster, consumers spend more time with […]

Printers and print devices are not necessarily emotionally charged, their output often is

Paper creates an emotional connection.   While printers and print devices are not necessarily emotionally charged, their output often is.  Say you’ve worked for months on a research paper or white paper – writing, editing and revising within a word processing program on a computer. Imagine watching your 30-page document come out of the printer, seeing […]

Why Books Are Here To Stay

Here is a very interesting TED talk. Despite the rise of e-books, physical books aren’t going anywhere. Graphic designer Chip Kidd shares why their design is so lasting. Highlights the use of print and that they still form a critical part of modern life. After all you don’t need to reboot a book. plug it […]

Print stimulates more senses

One exclusive quality that print has and the digital media can never match is just how tangible it is. Consumers can browse through pages, feel the paper and even distinguish between certain paper densities and compositions. For example, a printed item may be printed on a thicker, more porous paper that is easy to notice […]

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