But what does this emotional connection mean?

What makes OPUS unique is the ability to take a customer’s product, and through covering, binding and foiling, create an emotional connection with their customers. But what does this emotional connection mean?

We buy with their eyes. When making a significant purchase, we do not make decisions purely by a description online or a piece of paper. We like to touch, feel, smell, hold, interact and see the product. Every day we make decisions subconsciously. Watch anybody buying clothing, picking up items in a supermarket, buying a new car or choosing items for the home. You will see these actions.

Which bottle would you choose?

Making a tangible connection is what is going to separate you from the competition. Companies and organisations will spend thousands of pounds, many hours of work, employing marketing expertise and then crafting a proposition or brand message to be sent out over the Internet or by email straight, hoping that it will stand out in a wall of digital “noise”.

Globally it is estimated that 316 billion emails will be sent each day. On average, a business person can receive over a hundred emails per day that have to be navigated on top of the day job. Globally, it is estimated that there are 1.86 billion websites.  Work schedules become busier and more challenging every day. Therefore, putting your product into a digital arena may mean that all the effort in preparing it comes to nothing.

With our binding and foiling services, we know we can make your products or services stand out.  This approach will take your offer out of the crowded digital space and place it firmly on desks, coffee tables, bookshelves, public areas where they will be picked up, providing an interactive experience for the consumer.

By offering publications finished by OPUS products,  you offer your customers the opportunity to take a break, stop staring at a computer screen and provide them with a relaxed, sensory experience through a printed medium.

But it’s just not having a printed item to share with your customers.  It is even more essential to provide publications with finishings that say something about the quality of the content inside. If it looks and feels great, there is an increased chance that it will be picked up, read and retained.

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