Traditional Foiling with the NamePress

Small in size, easy to use desk top machine. Perfect for foiling initials and names. Designed for foiling on notebooks, diaries, planners, guest books and more.

Opus Namepress

The Opus Namepress

It’s small – about the size of an A5 notebook & weighs 3kg.

It will foil a name or initials or a date up to an area of 7cm by 4cm, perfect for notebooks, diaries and calendars.

You will need:

  • Opus NamePress machine
  • Opus 2- line  metal frame (this holds the brass letters)
  • Opus set of 5.5mm or 9mm fonts – Latin Basic typeface
  • Opus pack of foil
  • Your notebook!

We have put together a package of the above, plus a few extras we think you will find useful, to literally get you foiling straight out of the box. We know how keen you will be to start adding value to your print.