We all engage with the world through our senses, and in marketing, it is often said, “you buy with your eyes”.

However, sight, touch, smell and sound, and something printed on paper can engage multiple senses in ways that are not possible using the digital medium.

Your key messaging and brand may not stand out within the volume of marketing channels and messages online. Digital communication is so easy to ignore. It does not stand out among other digital “noise” and is easily overlooked or deleted.

Company Director of OPUS UK – Michael Shier says, “The tactile power of print, combined with smart personalisation, can effectively communicate in a world of digital ‘fatigue’ and trigger an emotional response and increased engagement with brands and key messaging.”

OPUS UK provides advice and solutions that will support the delivery of the messaging in a way that digital alone simply cannot deliver.

“It’s not a case of either/or, says Michael. “Our solutions work alongside digital copy, providing an additional channel that will engage with the customers’ emotions, optimising the chances of the message being picked up, read and retained.”

In effect we can put your brand in their hand in a way which means your publication is picked up, read and retained.

OPUS UK has an understanding and experience of creating publications that engage through the stimulation of emotions. 

Michael adds, “Please just don’t take our word for it. We have examples of research and studies that support our approach.  And we have many satisfied customers who are experiencing the benefits of our systems.”