In a world where consumers are overwhelmed by marketing channels and messages, the tactile power of print, combined with intelligent personalisation founded on real customer insight, may be precisely what’s needed to overcome digital overload and trigger emotional responses to brands.

Print is memorable. While digital content is processed faster, consumers spend more time with physical marketing materials such as printed direct mail, and individuals are able to recall them more vividly. The very act of touching a physical piece of print while looking at it – what scientists call ‘haptic communication’ – leaves a deeper footprint in the brain, producing an increased emotional response.

. . . consider research commissioned by branding expert Martin Lindstrom, which shows that media that appeal to more than three senses can increase brand impact and engagement by more than 70%.
. . . we can respond to each customer’s personal preferences and user behaviours, enabling us to add a personal touch to the promotional material we create and increasing the conversion rate to buy.

IT online February 21, 2019

Getting emotional with print … – IT-Online

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