Discover Foiling

Foiling is a finishing technique where heat, pressure and glossy UV are used to bind a thin film of metal (foil) to paper or card. Foiling is generally used to create a memorable and high-quality finish. It’s applied to specific sections of a design rather than the whole design, making it ideal for highlighting text or logos against a contrasting matt background.

• To stand out from the competition or on a desk/table/display
• Premium branding
• Highlight key details
• Celebratory
• Personalised gifting

THE GOOD NEWS – there is growth out there and new business to be had. I can show you how to add value and build on what you already do so well – sell print to your customers.

I will show you how you can add personalisation and foiling to your print – Easily, Quickly and most, importantly – AFFORDABLE.

I will explain the differences & benefits of different types of foiling and personalisation. I will explain the benefits of foiling and show the different machines & consumables available to buy direct from us, here in the UK. I will tell you a little bit about us, based here on the south coast, near Bournemouth. And most importantly, how we can help you grow your business and help you make even more profit out of personalisation.

Fact! -The current demand for foiling & personalisation is trending upward.

It is a growth area in Consumer Packaged Goods – cosmetics products, premium consumables, and branded goods. Global Hot Stamping Foils Market 2018-2022

Why is foiling so popular?

For centuries, people have been attracted to the glisten of precious metals. There is something eye-catching & impressive about the gleam of gold or silver – it conveys quality, luxury and vibrancy to an otherwise average product.

Look at these photos of a plain, soft back notebook.

It’s plain, it’s simple, and everyone needs a notebook (even in this digital age!).

But, look what happens when we add foil …

Now we have added some ‘wow-factor’. The notebook is the same, but the silver foil has added class and interest. You don’t have to tell your customer how quickly and easily you did it. They will happily pay more for a standard item that has their name on it, or a friend’s name if it’s a gift. It shows thought, it’s unique and it is PERSONAL.

So how can you create this & sell it?

The above image shows a plain soft cover notebook which has been digitally foiled. You will need:

  • An OPUS digital foiling machine
  • Opus digital foil
  • A Windows laptop or computer
  • Microsoft Word
  • An Opus matt laminated, round cornered, soft cover notebook.

That’s it!!!           

This is Digital Foiling in a nutshell.

You can also add digital foil to invitation cards, birth announcements, university theses, hard covers, photobooks, memory books, leather & faux leather wallets, key fobs, phone cases & purses.

Do you like the idea but want to test the water before you jump in?

We provide hot foil stamping machines as well. One to suit most budgets.

Let’s start with the Opus Namepress

It’s small – about the size of an A5 notebook

& weighs 3kg.

It will foil a name or initials or a date up to an

area of 7cm by 4cm, perfect for notebooks, diaries and calendars.

You will need:

  • Opus NamePress machine
  • Opus 2- line  metal frame (this holds the brass letters)
  • Opus set of 5.5mm or 9mm fonts – Latin Basic typeface
  • Opus pack of foil
  • Your notebook!

We have put together a package of the above, plus a few extras we think you will find useful, to literally get you foiling straight out of the box. We know how keen you will be to start adding value to your print.

Cost of the package – £1095.00 + VAT.

Yes, it really is that affordable – it’s not a typo!

You like the idea of Hot Foil Stamping but you need a bigger machine

That’s OK, let me tell you about the Opus GoldPress 5.

It’s a bigger machine – weighs 26kg & is 55cm tall, so still sits on a desktop.

You can comfortably fit a 30.5cm wide book under the press and can foil an area up to 10 x 20cm.

Do you have a university nearby? That means you can use it for your students’ dissertation covers & spines – the whole length in one go! It works on leather & textured buckram surfaces. Why not personalise a notebook for them too?

Do you have corporates in your area – they need hard and soft short run books as well for their one-off presentations and pitches. While they are waiting, they see beautiful planners & diaries – great gifts! Especially with a personalised ribbon or belly band wrapped around. Oh yes, we sell a Ribbon Foiling machine too. I’ll tell you about that later!

So, the principles are the same as the Opus NamePress but on a bigger scale …

You will need an initial package of Opus Goldpress 5 machine, frames, fonts & foils which we have put together in a handy kit retailing at £1830.00 + VAT.

We supply all that you will need, including book covers and binding system. We also work with you so that you can get the most out of your machine as soon as possible. There are even videos on our website if you need a refresher demo.

You already use Hot Foil Stamping & your business needs to be on a bigger scale

This is where the Opus Masterpress comes into its own.

There are 2 models – a Manual one and an Electric one to suit your need & budget.

Opus Masterpress 02 is a perfect mid-range MANUAL foiling solution. It stands just over a metre high & weighs 80kg.

It’s pictured with its stand here. See the ergonomically designed handle which suits both right & left handed users.

Its square foiling head allows access from side or front, making set-ups a doddle. Or the slide out table enables you to position smaller items accurately.

The stamping head force is regulated allowing consistent foiling during a long run. The LCD display gives you accurate readings.

It uses the same types of frames, fonts & foils as the smaller hot foiling machines plus brass, copper or magnesium dies & blocks.

The machine on its own, retails for £3495.00 + VAT. The accessories, fonts & foils are extra and we will guide you through the process of selecting what best suits you and your business’ needs.

Our Big Daddy of foiling is the Opus Electric Masterpress.

It’s a vertical foil blocking machine with an A4 heat block area. It’s 138kg and comes as a complete workstation for ease of use. So, for £5995.00 + VAT, you get the electric machine head, the stand, and extension table & motorised foil release.

We also include essentials such as a master frame, holder & inset frames for 4mm, 5.5mm & 9mm brass font letters.

The fonts, foils and dies are extra.

Why not take a look at the video to see it foiling away?