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Opus Mounted Photo Book Kit
What comes in your KIT.
  • OPUS multiCREASE 30 equipment to crease, trim, cut,
  • CUTTER BLADE R10 Corner trimming cutting blade with a 10mm radius
  • CUTTER BLADE handle 30/52 Holding bracket and guide for corner cutting blade.
  • CUTTERcutting PAD 30/52Creasing blade and bracket Corner cutting board to protected blade and give a clean cut.
  • Trimming blade MP small (210 x 148.5 mm) A blade for trimming all the edges of the page evenly to keep a uniform size for the book
  • BLADE PAD POBC Cutting board to protected the page trimming blade and give a clean cut.
  • BLOCK maker Tool for mounting pictures evenly
Weight: 17.5 kg

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