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OPUS Manual Masterpress 02
The perfect mid-range foiling solution.
The NEW Masterpress 02 manual machine is compact, lighter and ergonomically designed to be more comfortable to use. Net weight 78kg.

Increased height between the table & the heater gives flexibility & ease of operation.

Re-designed handle - allowing for right or left hand use.

Square heater head - 20x20cm - allows access from side or front, making foil set up much easier & faster.

Slide out table enables easier positioning of small items - eg. business cards - more accuracy = less waste.

Wider range of operating temperature - 30 - 190 deg C.

Compatible with all Goldpress 5 matrixes & accessories.

Workstation includes:
 - one master frame and holder
 - 5 x one line frames for 9mm font type
 - 5 x one line frames for 5,5mm font type
 - 5 x one line frames for 4mm font type
- 1 x Inset frame holder

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