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OPUS Goldpress 5 Foiling Machine
 OPUS Goldpress 5
The NEW easy to use bigger and better Goldpress 5, perfect for your hot print foiling, embossing for small or larger text and logos, for all types of covers: hard, soft, plastic, leather, textured surfaces. Now you can print on the whole length of the covered channels from the Metalbind system due to the openings on each side, letting you move the channel to any position. The Goldpress 5 gives you a 100 x 200 mm surface to print with plus more opportunities.
With the Goldchannel base set* you can foil on Metalbind channels or Channelbind spines.
A full range of brass letters* are available in 4mm, 5.5mm, 9mm and 16mm sizes.
Brass logo blocks* can also be made in 3 sizes: 80 x 110mm / 50mm x 180mm / 27mm x 180mm.
 The Goldpress 5 uses the same frames and fonts as the Atlas 300 Imagepress.
* All items sold seperately.
dimensions: H-280 x W-362 x D-548 mm
temperature range: 20-150°C
maximum width of the cover (with side stops): 265 mm
maximum width of the cover (without side stops): 305 mm
heater surface area: 100 x 200 mm
side openings for moving the channel to any position for printing
net weight: 28.6 kg
gross weight: 30.5 kg
maximum pressure: 2 tons

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