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OPUS Electric Masterpress
The Electric Masterpress is a vertical foil blocking machine with an A4 heat block area.
The Masterpress can be used with magnesium, brass or copper foiling blocks - attached with heat tape or screw bunter posts. It can also be used with Opus brass letters for easy type-setting - perfect for names, titles, thesis books, year books, photo books and more.
Perfect for foiling on case covers, books, cards & much more.
The electronic display shows adjustable temperature (50 to 150 deg C), dwell time, pressure, foil length, height control & counter.
With up to 5 tons of pressure, the foiling machine is a versatile option for small print firms new to foiling or a short run vertical print option for the experienced foiling company with larger machines.
The footprint is approx 60cm x 60cm. Weight - 138kg.

Workstation consists of:
the machine head, stand, extension table & motorised foil release and includes:
 - one master frame with support bars & handles
 - 1 x inset frame holder
 - 5 x one line frames for 9mm font type
 - 5 x one line frames for 5,5mm font type
 - 5 x one line frames for 4mm font type
 - 2 x tweezers & 1 x screwdriver for typesetting brass fonts


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