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Metalbind Machines

To bind Metalbind books.

OPUS Atlas 300 Binding & de-binding machine in one. (MONO)
OPUS Atlas 300 Binding & de-binding machine in one. (MONO)
 The Metalbind Atlas 300 will bind and debind documents up to 300 sheets of 80gsm paper (600 pages).
This makes it a perfect machine for the production of thesis books, photobooks, business books, ie. tenders, reports, proposals and much more. You can also bind A5, A4 and A3 landscape covers in the same machine.
The speed of binding, de-binding and flexibility of covers makes this a remarkable product which has to be demonstrated to be believed.
*Foiling Head, Fonts, Foils & Frames sold separately.

OPUS Electric Binding & Debinding Machine with LCD display
Electric version of the popular Metalbind System binding machine. It binds and debinds up to 300 pages of 80gsm paper with ease and speed. The LCD display shows binding speed along with information regarding number of documents bound. Metal housing. Dimensions (w/d/h): 410x362x270mm

Solid metal stand / Work Station with dividers and shelves for all OPUS machines

Thesis Pack
 Pack contents:
1 x Atlas 300 Binding & Debinding Machine
1 x Foiling Head with 1 x 3 Line 5.5mm Frame & 1x Frame Holder
1 x Holder for Foiling Head
1 x font master set Latin standard 5.5mm
1 x font Latin standard 5.5mm (basic box)
1 x letters supplement C 5.5mm (lower case)
1 x letters supplement D1 5.5mm (punctuation & spaces)
1 x font container 5.5mm
1 x frame with 1 line 5.5mm font
1 x Metalbind 6 line spacer bar for Atlas 300
1 x base set for foil blocking on channels
1 x pack of Universal gold foil sheets
1 x pack of Universal silver foil sheets
1 x pack of 7mm wide filler strips (Pack of 50)
1 x pack of Corner Protectors Gold 22mm (Pack of 50)
1 x pack of Corner Protectors Silver 22mm (Pack of 50)

OPUS Coverator Workstation
PouchCOVERs for Photobooks, Business & Thesisbooks.
So easy to do...
  1. Print your cover design and trim to size
  2. Slide your printed sheet into the PouchCOVER and put it through the COVERATOR (sealed edge first)
  3. Bind the PouchCOVER with Metalbind or Wirebind

...for amazing results


Coverator 330 Unipro for laminating printed sheets into Hard Covers
You can now create your own printed covers by laminating a printed sheet in our Pouch Covers.
The Coverator is similar to a pouch laminator but is designed to take 3mm thick covers and has an anticurl adjustment and reverse mode.
So simple with great results!
Coverator Includes:-
1 x Coverator machine
1 x Pair A4L Gloss Black Pouch Covers
1 x Pair A4P Gloss Black Pouch Covers
1 x Pair A4L Gloss White Pouch Covers
1 x Pair A4P Gloss White Pouch Covers
1 x Pair A4L Gloss Black Art Covers
1 x Pair A4P Gloss Black Art Covers
1 x Pair A4L Gloss White Art Covers
1 x Pair A4P Gloss White Art Covers
2 x Channels Gloss Black-217-05
2 x Channels Gloss Black-304-05
2 x Channels Gloss White -217-05
2 x Channels Gloss White-304-05

Easy 120 Machine - Manual. Binds EasyCovers Spine sizes 1.5mm to 13mm

The OPUS Easy 120 channel binder is a modern METALBIND machine designed for office use, which allows binding documents with a thickness of up to 120 sheets. The system is very easy to use, and the use of a metal casing makes it extremely robust and stable. The binding machine uses a patented binding jaw, thanks to which the channel connecting the document is evenly clamped.

The machine also works with the C-BIND system with the use of an adaptor for the smaller cover sizes.

The Easy Covers can be used in the Atlas 300 Binding machine with an adaptor bar for the smaller spine sizes.


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