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Pad Staplers

We have selected a range of quality stapling equipment from the world’s major specialist manufacturers. We would recommend always using manufacturer’s own staples in machines to avoid jamming and excessive wear. We have staplers which are ideal for busy print & reprographics departments and copy shops down to small compact staplers perfect for a busy office.

Rapid HD 210 Pad Stapler
  • a very powerful heavy duty front loading stapler
  • leverage mechanism for effortless operation
  • staples up to 210 sheets
  • uses Rapid 9/8 to 9/24 staples
  • one-year guarantee

Rapid Duax Pad Stapler
  • heavy duty stapler with metal frame
  • patented DUAX Technology - you only need one staple whether you are stapling 2-170 sheets
  • flat clinch gives level stacking of stapled sheets
  • uses a single sized large staple & cuts it to fit
  • uses Rapid Duax staples

Rapid 100 Pad Stapler
Rapid 100E Pad Stapler
  • a solid & reliable machine for pad stapling or packaging use
  • automatic trigger operation
  • staples up to 50 sheets
  • uses Rapid 66/6 to 66/8 staples

Rapid 106E Electric Pad & Saddle Stapler
  • a great electric machine for stapling booklets & pads
  • automatic trigger or foot pedal operation
  • quick, precise & flexible
  • can be used individually or up to 4 can be linked by Opto cables for synchronised multi-head stapling
  • uses Rapid 66/6 & 66/8 staples

Rapid 106E Electric Twin Rig Pad & Saddle Stapler
  • two Rapid 106E staplers & all the accessories needed to make a twin head stapler for stapling booklets & pads
  • automatic trigger or foot pedal operation
  • uses Rapid 66/6 & 66/8 staples

Stago HM6 Electric Pad & Saddle Stapler
  • electric flat or saddle stapling
  • operated by foot pedal
  • 1 and 2 head models
  • 220mm throat depth
  • 2-60 sheets of 80gsm
  • up to A3 paper size
  • normal or loop 24/6 and 24/8 staples

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